Support your future priests

Dear Supporter of Sacred Heart Major Seminary,

Thank you for helping to educate and form candidates to the Catholic priesthood by participating in the Archbishop’s Gala 2018 cash raffle. By being a part of this critical fundraiser, you team up with Sacred Heart Major Seminary to prepare tomorrow’s priests to bring the mercy of Christ and the sacraments of salvation to families and parishes throughout Michigan and beyond.

Your support of Sacred Heart’s seminarians is an act of faith that helps to ensure the future of the Church.

Can I count on your enthusiastic participation in this year’s raffle? I simply ask that you be as generous as possible with your raffle donation and that you encourage your family and friends to participate.

Who knows? Your name might be on the $25,000 winning ticket drawn at the Archbishop’s Gala!


Sincerely in Christ,

Rev. Msgr. Todd J. Lajiness



Ticket Price $10

Drawing on June 15, 2018 at the Archbishop’s Gala
(Need not be present to win)

Please encourage your family and friends to support Sacred Heart Major Seminary.

To purchase tickets please email us at raffle@shms.edu or call 313-596-7422.

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The winning raffle number at the 2017 Archbishop’s Gala was 142273.

  • Raffle Rules

    1. The suggested donation of each ticket is $10. The price of the raffle ticket is not tax deductible.
    2. Tickets are "bearer instruments," are not transferable and may not be given as gifts to other individuals by the purchaser. The name given on the ticket stub will be deemed the winner if the ticket is selected.
    3. If a ticket is purchased by check or credit card that does not clear when presented to the bank, the holder of that ticket is ineligible to win.  Tickets will not be entered in the drawing unless another form of payment is made and cleared.
    4. Tickets must be recorded and payments cleared/deposited to be entered into the drawing.  In case there are tickets along with payment that do not reach the drawing deadline, purchasers will be contacted by the Development Office staff regarding how they would like to proceed (return payment or make donation).
    5. Each ticket gives the ticket holder one chance to win. The prize shall be the sum of the listed items, subject to all other provisions of the Raffle House Rules set forth therein.
    6. There is no limit to the number of tickets that may be purchased by a single individual or the number of tickets that may bear the name of a single individual.
    7. Tickets may not be sold to individuals who have not reached the age of eighteen by the date of the drawing, June 15, 2018 at 8pm.
    8. The winner does not need to be present at the drawing to win. A representative from Sacred Heart Major Seminary will contact the winner using the contact information provided on the ticket stub. The winning ticket number will be posted on www.shms.edu. If the prize is not claimed within 60 days of the drawing or is refused by the winner within 60 days of the drawing a second drawing will be performed.
    9. All net proceeds from the raffle will help educate and form Sacred Heart Major Seminary students.
    10. Winner must agree to all rules as stated in the Raffle Narrative, House Rules, and rules printed on the ticket.
    11. Ticket stubs and unsold tickets will be maintained in the offices of development and finance at Sacred Heart Major Seminary for a period of three years from the close of the fiscal year in which the raffle is held.